Essay Test Preparation

Essay exams require recall learning. Carefully figure out the major content areas to learn. Learning made simple.

Is Active Listening Possible?

All of us can hear, but all of us cannot listen. Hearing and listening are not the same thing. Hearing is involuntary and listening involves the reception and interpretation of what is heard.

The Joys of Solitude

Be read to Question yourself? Do you have in you?

Keep Cool

Anyone who angers you, conquers you. Don't let other to conquer you.

Meditation Takes You to God!

As Siddhas say, “The one who has seen God, has no words to explain his God, experience; The one who explains so well has never seen God.”

Hello, I am Glorious Steve!

Your Success Coach for Life, Enterprise & Leadership!

A Journalist & a life coach with time-tested life secrets. Helping out millions of youth, trainers, students & all in search of meaning & purpose. I organise training programmes on Life Skills, Life Planning, Career Planning, Business Planning, Writing Skills & Online Marketing for educational institutions and individuals who would like to set right their life and business to kickstart a life full of surprises and happiness.

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Health & Fitness

Discover the home of the Elephant

Knowledge & Skills

Reconnect with your soul


Best cities and beaches combined

Meaning & Purpose

Thousands of islands await

Must Read

Be an Early Riser

I get up at five every morning,” he said, “by taking an extra hour each day I collect 365 hours per year. I reckon that I get thirteen months out of life each year, instead of twelve”

Expanding the Boundaries of Literature

Individual writing and institutional histories do have a point of intersection. Each individual perception becomes important as this point of view will alter the outlook to what happened in the past.

10 Memory Tricks for Elementary Students

It's not just parents who could use a memory boost; children can brush up on their recollection skills, as well.



He wants to know the reason for every rule. He may even get a thrill in breaking rules and social conventions as this can give him status among peers as a tough guy.

How to be a Winner

Steps to be a Winner. Lets step on the stairs or Success.

Globalise Justice – Globalise Peace

Any war between nations begins from a man’s heart. Hence Let the heart to be in peace so that the world be in Peace.

Make Optimism Work for You

Hope is the mainspring of all endeavour. Take hope away, and life loses not only it meaning, but its urge to live.

Different Levels of Reading

Learn how to read and use of Language.

Do What You are Afraid to Do! There Lies...

What does freedom mean to each of us? For some it is a mere escape from a serious responsibility. For others, it is a carefree living.

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