You are Important

Why you matter

A few days ago I heard a lady complaining bitterly to her husband: “You’re the big boss around here. I have to scrub and clean for you. I’m a nobody”.

If anyone who feels this way happens to read this, I want to say to him or her: “This is for you because you are important”. What makes you say “I’m of no importance; just a cog in the machine?” There is many a person doing your kind of job who is proud of this responsibility. There is many a woman  too, who is proud  to scrub and to get her man’s meal just to as  his king.


Who has pulled you down so much that you think yourself a nobody? Who has hurt you so badly in your self -esteem that you have never recovered from the blow? These are serious enquiries because I am sure that you are of infinite value.

Let your memory roem right back to your earliest infancy. Let your emotions recover old shameful forgotten events. Feel it all again. Remember how completely unbearable it all was. It snapped life in two. From that horrible moment, life become different. The sun in your sky was blackened. There was no hope any more. You become “different”. Others could do well and get there. But not you. Remember how you went into a kind to shell in your little personality. This was the only retreat left for you. You could hide in your inner self and find comfort and a lonely solace. Here you built up your little castle of cynicism where you could pity the fools who were superficial enough not to become ambitious.

Four Suggestions:

Life passes very quickly. One day you wake up and realize that you don’t count. Depression sets in and you say: “I’m just a cog in the wheel. A nobody, that’s what I am”.

Here are four simple suggestions. With the help of these I have seen people climb out of hopelessness and inferiority into a new life of happiness. May be you can do the same.

1. Stop wrong thinking and start right thinking:

This is not as easy as it sounds. The secret cynicism might have gone on for years and by habit, we get to like the taste of our hate, humiliation and bitter laughter. This kind of thinking must stop and a new kind of thinking must take its place.

You share your manhood – or womanhood – with the rest of the world. You have the same number of fingers and toes as everyone else. Your heart beats in the same way. You were born in the same way as the greatest millionaire you ever heard of. The same kind of grey matter works in your brain as worked in the brain of Einstein or Shakespeare.

Accept yourself right now as  a worthwhile human being. Accept yourself completely, right down to your boots, and keep on accepting yourself. And then you’ll find a strange thing. You will wake up one morning and find that you don’t want  failure and your misery, because this pattern of life has been built up over the years and you cannot  easily let go. Well, it is your choice to win through. And if you succeed in the morning, and every morning, you will achieve your victory.

2. Adopt a new physical attitude:

Lift yourself up to your full neight. Breathe in deeply. Imagine all the oxygen going into your lungs and pouring new life into your blood. Do you know that all defeated men and women breathe shallowly? Deep breathing and wretchedness cannot live together for long. If you have a habit of walking with nervous hurry, then deliberately pull yourself up and walk more leisurely.

3. Get a fresh outlook on your job:

No job is unimportant. I heard a mother saying that she was “fed up with just looking after little children”. And yet this woman has one of the most responsible, vital and delicate jobs in the world. Even the Prime Minister is not in a position of higher responsibility to posterity than is the mother with the care of her children.

Think. Do not be a routiner. Devise ways of doing things quicker and better Thinking on the job gave the world triumpth over contagious diseases, painless surgery, the magic of X – rays and countless other benefits. Every advance  in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.

4. Build a philosophy of life that is big enough:

The more we retreat into the shell of our hopelessness, the less we see and know of life.

What do you think about the mystery of a rose petal, or a sunset, the marvel of sound vibration and light waves? What do you make of the mystery of human love, of sex and of immortality? These questions take us to ultimates, to God. And  why not? I for one cannot make sense of this universe without God. We know that his nature is love. He loves you and me – which means  that we are more important than we ever dreamed.

He is doing something with us, with every one of us. He is doing something important  with you and me. If we’ll only let him. And that thought brings new dignity to life. We are working out something on this earthly plane of tremendous importance, and I for one welcome this adventure with all my heart.

We are important!


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