Understanding Divine Intervention

The divine intervention in the life of Don Bosco

Don Bosco is one of the most complete and absolute men the world has ever known,”  Said Joergensen.

“St.John Bosco! His name is the embodiment of grace and apostolate!  From a little hamlet in Piedmont, he has carried into the farthest corners of the world the conquests of Christ’s love”.  Said John XXIII.  It is with a note of happiness and contentment that we begin our search for the most vibrant of all saints, St. John Bosco.  It is all the more surprising that some of these words of appreciation come  not from ordinary souls, but from great men and saints in history. It is also good to note the place each of them has given to St. John Bosco as we await the casket containing the relics of St. John Bosco in our provinces.


As we constantly reflect these years on returning to Don Bosco, it is good to reminisce the real moments of Divine intervention. God has intervened in history  through so many prophets and saints in such a way that  they brought newer solutions to our human and spiritual problems.  The Church has always accepted  fresh thinking in view of giving a new lease of life for the faithful people who keep searching for meaning.  “It serves the best interests of the Church for institutes to have their own special characters and aims.  Therefore the spirit and aim of each founder should be faithfully accepted and retained, along with the sound traditions of each institute – for all these together constitute the rich patrimony of an institute”.  (PC 2B)

“ From the very infancy of the Church there have existed men and women who strove to follow Christ with greater liberty, and to imitate him more closely, by the practice of the evangelical counsels.  Each in his own way, they have led lives dedicated to God.  Under the inspiration of the Holy spirit, many of them pursued solitary lives, or founded religious families.  The Church has by virtue of her authority, gladly  accepted and approved these forms of religious life.  Thus, in keeping with the divine plan, a wonderful variety of religious communities came into existence.  This variety has contributed very much towards making the church equipped for every good work , prepared for the work of the ministry of building up of the Body of Christ.   Above all, adorned  by the various gifts of her children, she has become radiant like a bride made beautiful for her spouse, and thus manifest through her, the manifold wisdom of God”.

As we will be receiving the relic of Don Bosco we must once again renew our faith in the mission of Don Bosco, moved not by sentimentality, but by the deep conviction that it was the Holy Spirit who inspired him to rekindle in the Church a new concern for the world of the youth, specially of the poor and the abandoned.  An awareness of our belonging to the Salesian family  that came as a result of a great intervention from God, should fill us with joy.  We share in Don Bosco’s Charism and walk along the new path he has opened in the Church for us. 

Don Bosco had received an extraordinary charism: only when we understand the importance of this statement can we also understand the commitment of the first generation of Salesians in their work.  They saw it as expressly willed by God.  Their efforts towards sanctity, their tireless zeal and their spirit of sacrifice sprang from their  conviction that God had called them to work with Him for the salvation of souls, especially the souls of the young.  “We must  take care of youth in a special way, and particularly poor and abandoned youth” (XVII,49) – there was a short of divine urgency in this commitment.

And what about out own reactions when we consider this divine intervention, this marvel of God’s love for the young?

“Don Bosco is typical of a great founder: he is both an idealist and a realist; he dares everything, but is prudent; he seeks nothing for himself; he is not an agitator and still less a fabricator of a jumble of enterprises; he is the builder of solid realities”. Said Daniel Rops, speaking about Don Bosco’s real Character.

Can we understand the intervention God  in our lives. Can we understand what his promptings are for our life today? How does he want us respond to  the needs of the young  today? Where do you  think is the real problem in fulfilling  the dream of Don Bosco for the youth today. There are so many things that may prove God’s  intervention in our lives: renewing oneself, starting a new organization, giving a new orientation etc. In all this, ‘ are we creating a new meaning  for others to come close to God?,’  is the  underlying principle.

Glorious Steve


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