The Only Possession We Have in Common

Possession we have a commons.

The planet earth has come under debate like never before. With all the alarming signals from global warming, there seems to be an awakening in this regard among people. There are summits, debates and talks on preserving the planet earth, following the declaration of the year 2008 as the International Year of Planet Earth by UNESCO.

Our planet earth itself was a matter of debate by scientists for quite sometime. There had been so many theories posed regarding the exact positioning of earth. Some spoke about geocentric theories and others accepted heliocentric theories. Today, another round of geocentred discussions are taking place all over the world because, the exploitation of nature is taking place in such a speed that the experts feel threatened about the safety of the earth, where our common roots lie.


Civilizations emerged and disappeared; kingdoms grew to a big stature and have ceased out of existence, for want of land and its enormous resources; super powers have been playing major roles. The earth stood as a silent witness to all these changes and developments that took place, in the bygone years.

Our ancestors celebrated the earth by centering everything on nature. They settled around beautiful places, spoke about its brilliance, worshipped its magnificence, and invented deities with reference to the earth and its gifts.


We developed ourselves making use of the resources of the earth. We even call ourselves developed countries or developing countries basing ourselves on the amount of exploitation that we do on this earth. Can we not say that all the wealth that we enjoy is the fruit of exploitation of the earth?

The earth is our lifeline. We owe very much to the earth for the bounteous gifts we receive. We rely on earth for all our basic needs. Only on this planet can we have our safest existence. Nowhere else are we so sure even to exist. We find our security here. The planet has sustained us with wealth of nature; mountains, rivers, valleys, trees, plants, herbs, shrubs, tubers and so many other wonderful things earth has given us unconditionally. Though we bring nothing into this world, planet earth provides for all our needs.

Can we imagine the earth devoid of all life-giving energy? Do we have an alternate place, apart from earth and its enormous possibilities to exploit? Do we have water elsewhere to import? Do we have forests that can sustain us even if the earth collapses? Where else can  and about that another them we get sufficient oxygen to live on?

The earth is not tired of giving us what we need. However, when our need becomes greed, the planet trembles and even quakes. The earth cannot bear our exploitation beyond a limit. Earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunami and other natural disasters are the spontaneous expression of sorrow of our planet. Though we are said to have an extra sense perception that of reasoning, we refuse to read the emotional outburst of the nature. We do not pay anything for all the benefits that we enjoy from our mother earth.

“It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honour nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.” This statement of Jimmy Carter is worth recalling at this juncture.

Truly, earth is the only possession that we all really own and share in common. All the rest of the accumulated wealth lies within the earth. Are we not ashamed about the fact that we do not take good care of the super power that takes good care of us. It is time that we realize our mistake and be cautious to treat our planet with due respect it deserves.

If not for the common good of the earth, at least for our own sake, let us save our planet and save ourselves, for that is the only possession we have in common.


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