Talk Positively

Life is like a magic vase filled to the brim

All doors are open to the interesting speaker. And it is quite easy to become an interesting conversationalist, if you keep in mind the following simple rules:

1. Learn to listen and to be a sincere listener:


When you talk you learn nothing. When you listen, you learn what others know.

The reason why so few people are agreeable in conversation, said La Petrochemical, is that each is thinking more of what he intends to say, than of what others are saying, and we never listen when we are planning to speak.

2. Have a broad, comprehensive vocabulary:

Thoughtful reading and a good dictionary are of great help. Often we fail to rise to the occasion, when we are asked to speak in public or approach the manager for an increase of salary because words fail us.

3. Talk about the other person’s interest:

William James, the great psychologist, says that the deepest yearning in the human heart is the desire to feel important. All of us want to count. We want others to think well of us. It is an essential human need.

Alvin H. Goeser, a public Relations Officer, says: We are all to ourselves the centre of the universe. Hence  our world revolves around us. The wise businessman and employer will take himself out of that centre, and let his employees customers occupy it. He will talk about their interests. In fact, he will let them do the talking about their little world; their homes, their wives, their children, their jobs, and the fish they caught last summer. If we do not have time to talk to our customers, employees, friends or members of our family about the little things that interest them, or that  are near and dear to them, we do not have time to be successful.

Win appreciation and esteem by putting into practice the old yet ever new Golden Rule. The Phoenician parents used to tell their children.

Life is like a magic vase filled to the brim. When you dip into it or draw from it,  it over flows into the hands of those who drop treasures into it.

Drop in hate and you will receive malice.

Drop in envy and you will receive criticism,

Drop in kindness and you will receive understanding.

Drop in charity and you will receive love.

You alone can control the treasures that life makes to   overflow into your heart and hands. Watch carefully what you put into the magic vase.

Life is full of surprises. And the biggest surprise will be when you discover the hidden power in good conversation.


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