Serenity on Target

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give unto you!

Serene folk enjoy life rather than endure it. Their very presence helps  and inspires others. They possess a happy knack of being masters in any situation.

Here are a few suggestions to acquire this delightful and enviable quality.


1. Reach a balanced evaluation of yourself:

People get tense, as a rule, because they take life and themselves too seriously. They see themselves out of proportion. They regard themselves as indispensable. They forget that the world would go round even without them.

The serene person remembers that he is very insignificant compared to the awesome powers of nature. He is aware that he is but a speck, a straw, a leaf. he may feel humble, but there is no need to feel inferior. He believes he has his own unique contribution to make to life.

2. Know your own character:

Many people experience much distress and conflict because they do not understand what is going on within themselves. Knowledge leads to mastery  and serenity. Many young people suffer untold torments because they have not learned to accept sex as a normal constituent of human nature. They fail to realize that it is not, of itself, sinful. They regard every sex  impulse and thought as a temptation, and try to drive them away. This causes inner turmoil

3. Acquire some knowledge of history:

To have some knowledge of the past helps us to face the future with equanimity. It will help us to view our own life and present civilization in their right perspective. We ought to have some idea  of the evolutionary development of plant and animal life. We should have some idea of the rise and fall of empires, and the acceleration of progress in this century.

Such knowledge will help us to remain unperturbed when the prophets of doom say that Man will annihilate himself or that the end of the world is very near.

Above all we must realise that we have to play a part in the gigantic scheme of things, and this will give us purpose, courage and nobility.

4. Learn to relax:

Make relaxation a habit. At odd times during the day, whenever opportunity occurs, flop down in a chair and relax every muscle. Close your eyes. Let your face melt into a smile. You look so much younger and more attractive when you smile.

5. Expel negative emotions:

Get out of the habit of worrying. When you meet with problems, face them squarely. Don’t anticipate troubles. Always be hopeful and confident. Eradicate hatred from your life.Permit an all -embracing love to reign. Cultivate generosity, forgiveness, thoughtfulness and serenity will follow.

6. Build up a philosophy of life:

Believe in a Supreme intelligence behind his universe. Believe you are a product or manifestation of that intelligence, “a child of God” as the Bible puts it. You will then know that serenity which Jesus must have known when He said: “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give unto you!”


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