Secrets of Happy Living

The purpose of our lives is to be happy

Forming the  right habits is one of the secrets of happy and satisfying living. All of us are  creatures  of habit, and most of us like it that way. It saves us thought and time, and  we are spared the strain of continually making decisions.

It is wise, to check on our habits  to determine whether they are constructive or destructive, bringing pleasure  or pain, whether they are  harmful or beneficial to ourselves  or others. If we find that some should be discarded we can introduce new ones.


Here are certain habits which it would be in your interests to adopt.

1. Take Adequate Daily Exercise:

More and more people  are walking less and less. Increasing numbers are engaged in sedentary occupations. Take steps to ensure you get adequate exercise and fresh air every day.

Authorities agree that a  brisk walk of a mile or two is the best regular exercise. Walk in as pleasant surroundings as possible, and get away to fresh clean air. Supplement these with 10 minutes of simple exercise on rising in the  morning. This quickens the circulation and shrugs off sleepiness. It induces good general health,  and erect carriage, and  a general feeling of zest and well – being.

2. Positive Thinking:

Another habit which has revolutionized countless lives  is that of thinking positively at all times and in all circumstances. When we think negatively, we drift into the depressing habit. It is a customary pattern to speak disparagingly of ourselves and others, to spotlight not only real dangers but imaginary ones, to anticipate failure on all occasions, and to be obsessed with the morbid and depressing.

Positively thinking means replacing these with happy thoughts, optimistic thoughts, healthy and constructive and charitable thoughts. It means saying farewell to bitterness and resentment, to envy, fear, worry and pessimism. It is forgiveness, generosity courage. Calm and optimism.

3. Do it Now:

   This is another practice which is sheer dynamite. Until it becomes a settled habit with you, write these three world and place them where you are  likely to see them frequently. In case you are a ditherer or procrastinator let “Immediate action” be your slogan.

Jobs get done, letters get written, bills get paid, appointments are arranged with amazing promptness. Make it a permanent way of life with you . Do it now!

4. Smile:

           Many people  reserve their smiles for holidays  only. If they only realized how much younger and more attractive they looked when they smiled, they would make a habit of doing so more readily.

           Smile when you greet people, smile when you are with them, smile when you leave them. Smile your thanks, your appreciation, your interest and your love. Smiling transforms the personality, makes you more attractive and popular, wins you friends, boosts your confidence and makes life easier for others.

5. Daily Reading:

               Besides reading newspapers find a place for solid reading to be inspired, to enrich your character and conversation, to be distracted and to be amused. Read every day even if it is only for a quarter of an hour. This will supply you with new ideals from people who are alert and sensitive, the elite of mankind.

6. Visualization and Affirmation:

          Victor Diamond suggests some excellent affirmations: I am, and I will continue to be, well, happy, and successful. I will  maintain a positive, optimistic  attitude even in the face of negative conditions. I  will replace any feeling of disappointment immediately with a positive thought.

      Visualization goes a step further. It uses the imagination to picture or experience in detail, those things upon  which the heart is set. Picture whatever you desire as though it has already been achieved in mind. See yourself doing something as an accomplished fact.

      One of the quickest ways to brings out the magic in your mind, and to obtain anything you set your heart on, is to practice visualizing what you want. Nothing but good can come from visualization if  you are positive in your desires. The things you want will come automatically.

       Taken all together, these six habits can revolutionise  your life.


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