Relaxation on Target

To achieve a calm centre for our lives.

Modern man must learn to break the tension of daily living, or the tensions will break him. He must learn to bend with the stresses and strains like a tree in the wind, and spring erect again after the storm has passed. This is a vital requirement of today in many people’s lives. Life seems to be a continual burden and worry  to them. Life should not be like this, and it need not be like this. Most of us know the answer. It’s the single word, Relax!

Relaxation holds the answer to all our problems of stress,   anxiety, inability to cope, irritability, lack of self – confidence and the like. Here are five ways “to achieve a calm centre for our lives”.


1. Physical relaxation:

 You didn’t have to walk. You just have to sit in a chair, or lie flat on the floor. But you have to do it regularly, and purposefully. Lie down, then, for preference, stretch your arms and legs as far you can, without undue strain, but sufficiently to feel a tenseness in the muscles. Then let go again. This contrast helps you to understand what muscular relaxation feels like. It pinpoints the difference between effort and relaxation, and put the emphasis on the latter state.

2. Mental relaxation:

 The man who wants peace and poise amid the restlessness of life “relaxes his mind by thinking thoughts of peace, quietness and tranquility. He mentally pictures a placid pool, amid whispering pines and puts himself in tune with nature’s calming mood”. This kind of tranquil mental activity sets us free from any kind of tension which springs from trying too hard in hand, one helping the other resulting in a beneficient circle of harmony and peace.

3. Conservation of energy:

Anger exhausts us nervously and physically. Hence anger must be avoided. Most of the things we tend to get angry about are not worth it. We must learn to keep our voices down. Raising our voices makes us feel more angry. Whether we speak loudly or gently is very largely a habit, and habit can be cultivated. So cultivate the gentle voice.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was asked how she managed to remain     fresh and vigorous amid a demanding schedule of duties. Here is her reply: “Whenever I am doing anything, I relax all the muscles expect those I absolutely have to use. Even when I read on a train or plane, I do so in such a relaxed position, that anyone seeing me would imagine that I was half asleep, perhaps even drunk”.

4.Breath control:

 The next time you are faced with some situation which makes you nervous, take one or two deep breaths just before starting. Hold each one, and let it out gradually. This has a great calming effect.


The simple act of smiling combines both physical and mental relaxation. The face muscles are relaxed in smiling. The attitude of happiness to a job or to people makes one wonder what there was to worry about.

Thousands of people found poise and serenity through these techniques. So can you.


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