Put More Pep into Your Life

Pep into your life

New  experiences supply a basic psychological need.  The more stable and routine life becomes, the more claimant grows the need. If  you notice  that you are  losing your zest for life perhaps you are not paying attention to these demands. To inject new zest and interest into your life, implement one or more of the following suggestions as quickly as possible.

1.Do New Things:


There is nothing like  embarking on some new hobby, interest or sport for rekindling enthusiasm for   living. What activity has beckoned to you in the past which you have never got  around to engaging in? Was it painting or cookery or gardening?  Was it stamp collecting or reading? Whatever it might have been, go after it now. Have a go! You will not regret it. You have nothing to lose but your boredom and depression.

Soon you will realize that your interest is kindling. Soon the light will come back to your eyes and the spring in your step. Soon you will be regretting  why you did not start earlier. Your  life can be an exhilarating and enthusiastic  journey through a golden avenue of days, humming a happy tune.

Remember, a new activity means CHANGE  – new ideas, new books, new topics of conversation, new  people, new experiences, new skills, new muscles  used, new things to spend your money on. It entails a turning outward, a turning away from a preoccupation with self, and one’s aches and pains, problems and loneliness. It means  an end to depression.

2.  Learn New Things:

You will readily admit that there are many sectors of human experience and knowledge about which you know but little. To keep life interesting it is a good plan to turn to one of these areas and devote the leisure time to acquire some knowledge of it.

For example, if you have not already done so, you might turn seriously to classical music. You will discover new worlds of interest and pleasures as you become familiar with the great symphonies and concertos. Learning  something about the lives of great musical celebrities  like Beethoven, Brahms and Berlitz will add further interest.

Incidentally, you might even entertain the idea of learning to play a musical instrument, if that is not already one of your accomplishments.

If the arts do not interest you why not try astronomy, geology, wild life or collection  of antiques?

3. Visit New Places:

Man needs change and novelty – an environment which doesn’t reveal all at a  glance. Ask yourself whether you must spend your weekends the same old way. Or whether you must have the same kind of holiday every year.

You might ask yourself when you last visited a museum or an art gallery, or an exhibition. Consider too the possibility of visiting events which have not appealed to you in the past. You might discover that  the visit  was, in fact, interesting. Certainly you will widen you knowledge and experience and break the fetters of habit.

4. Develop New Attitudes:

Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars.  Because of our daily routine we can easily allow ourselves to be obsessed by tragedies  and human follies.  Despondency comes  in and interest goes out. On the other hand, we can regard life as perpetual challenge, keeping alert  to its wonders, beauties, and opportunities.

This later attitude is the one you would be wise to develop. Work at it till it becomes second nature  with you. Make it a way of life. Fostering mental curiosity and a sense of wonder will keep life an interesting business. The more one knows the more one realizes how much more there is to know.

Finally in view of the fact that life is mainly other people, see that you change your attitudes to all with whom you come  into contact. Look for the best in them. Learn to like them  by accepting them with all their failings. After all, that is how you would like them to treat you.

Others will sense that you have a basic liking for them, and they will quickly like you in return. This leads to more friendship and more fun, and much more pleasantness and interest in the daily round.

As you carry out these suggestions you will discover that your life will become a continual panorama of interest.


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