People: Your Greatest Resource

Business resource

Take a look at the various products and services that we are familiar with. Say, a TV. The TV that we so regularly watch is sleek and attractive in looks and performance. But, behind this is the long story of high-technology parts, components and processes―all coordinated, controlled and mounded together by the skill, dedication and innovation of workers, supervisors, managers and dealers, In short, PEOPLE.

So, ultimately, whatever product of service that you may undertake, people play the crucial and most important part. Sometimes, people band together informally. At other times, they work together within a organization. Broadly defined, an organization is an environment that brings people, machines, materials and money together to produce something of values. And people are the most important part of any organization.


It is clear from experience around the world over centuries, that the behaviour of people within their organizations holds the key to their own success and to that of their organization. The quantity and quality of interaction among its people have a vital bearing on the final results. According to management thinker James L. Hayes. “…In an organizational setting, no one person can be completely responsible for any results…implicity, and of necessity, all effort is team effort. “

One example of such team effort often quoated by management specialists is the orchestra. Each musician in an orchestra plays a different instrument. It is the conductor who combines and harmonises the music produced by the different musicians. The musicians are the people in an organization of which the conductor is the leader. Not only must the musicians master their respective instruments, they must also understand their fellow musicians and what the conductor is trying to achieve. Otherwise the orchestra will only produce a cacophony of noise, not music.

In a way, the entire organization can be visualized as a large team. But in practical terms, teams are better viewed as being small―departments or sections. The importance of team work in any business, more so the small business, can be illustrated by the following passage typed on a typewriter in which the letter ‘a’ is defective:

“One day, the Mxnxging Director decided to fill x meeting of xll stxff to inform that x new machined hxd had been ordered from Germaxny. Mxny stxff members xrrived lxte for the meeting becxuse the Office Mxnxger hxd not mxde the time clexr to everyone.” The end result is much the same for an organization in which teamwork Is absent.

And most important requirement for team work is interpersonal relationship. Such a relationship is said to exit when people respond to each other over a period of time with care, understanding and patience. If continuity disappears, the interpersonal relationship also, in all likelihood, will cease.

Successful relationships also depend on the individual having a strong self image. To be successful in any endeavour, more so in business, it is important to understand the importance of self image, especially in leadership situations, and the considerable power such a self image wields over one’s emotions and perceptions.

Whatever product of service that you may undertake, people play the crucial and most important part.


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