Cultivate an Optimistic Temperament

Look at the Problem from an another angle. we might have the solution on the other side. isn't it!

Note Taking System

Lets see the 5 Note taking Methods.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Memory

Few of the steps for improving our Memory.

Why India Should Keep Evolving for IoT Era

In India, the recently announced IoT policy, aimed at transforming the country into a digital empowered society and knowledge economy, is expected to lead to a massive and rapid IoT expansion.

Long Way to Go for India to Become Global...

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has said it will be "a long time" before India can replace China as a growth engine for the global economy, even if it grows at a faster rate.

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Thousands of islands await

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Perils of Guide Books

The use of guide books kills all originality of thinking and creativity.

Understanding Divine Intervention

God has intervened in history through so many prophets and saints in such a way that they brought newer solutions to our human and spiritual problems. One among those saints is "Don Bosco",

Hints for Happiness

we should have terms with ourselves and learn self - esteem. It is difficult to like others until we have learned to like ourselves. Isn't it.


Take a Call on Direction in Your Life

It is vital that you decide to move ahead in your life, choosing a...

Taking Notes for Someone Else-12

taking notes for someone else, as well as strategies to help you improve your own note taking abilities.

Coping with Fatigue, How to battle Tiredness!

So Students check out your style with the tips to combat Fatigue.

Students and Community Service

I would like to propose something about community service that you can get involved with which may give you enough meaning and happiness in your life.

How Big are You ?

Are you a big from inside or from appearance.

Note Taking Skills – from Lectures and Readings

Effective note taking should reduce your study time, should increase your retention of knowledge, and should provide you with a summarised list of resources for your future projects.

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