Our Daily Freedom Struggle from Corruption

Freedom fighters to start a corruption

India is an Independent democratic republic for more than six decades. On the victory of Independence from the British rule, our proud national leaders made promises to a dreamy population to eradicate each problem of the country with the best constitution and the best governing system of an independent democratic republic. Everyone promised to learn and develop. Hopes were really high. Yes, India did progress and prosper. We are now going to be a Super Power in spite of our poverty; we are now world champions in cricket and corruption; we have few of the richest people in the world who can gift airplanes to wives and sons; we have mastered the business of education; we have learnt to convert sensational news into entertainment and most importantly we have learnt to remain clean of any guilt. You would question me on the last point. The answer is very simple, we remain clear in everything by blaming.

A train accident takes place, blame it on the railway minister and ask him to resign immediately. Your son fails the tenth exam because he watched movies and hung out with friends more than sitting at study table; – blame it on his private tutor and his school teacher. On the road, you see a car hitting a man who just decided to cross without checking left and right; – break the bones of the driver and everything of the car. Blame it on the government for not making good bridges when a drunken bus driver sees a river for a road and leads the bus down right to death waters instead of straight. You do not make it to the IIT, – blame it on the reservation for ST, SC or OBC if you are a general category student or blame it on the government for not providing sufficient reservation if you are not. Many more examples, – we know it better.



We never learn to take the second step. When Anna Hazare started his movement against corruption, did all of us suddenly wake up from our sleep! Millions started to support and shout against corruption. People started discussing and dialoguing why corruption should be stopped? People started criticizing those who wondered if Jan Lokpal would actually be helpful or not?. But, how many of us are really against corruption? Fighting corruption does not does mean catching a government official taking bribe red handed and sending him behind bars. Fighting corruption means to change the scenario from the root to the top.

We all say that Hazare’s step is the first step and it is necessary, but are we all ready for the second step? The second step has to be taken by us, creating a clean and morally strong young generation who would not be ruined by power, politics and money embedded in corruption when given an opportunity. Has this step started? No!

Even after six decades of enjoying a democratic environment, India’s trouble with the lack of national integration, languages, caste systems, poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and poor health conditions have only have got worse. The rise of the rich to richer has been phenomenal, due to the monopoly of the capitalist class of India whom the democratic government of India seems to supports. Yet most of us say, ‘Wow, India is so developing’ fooled by the glam and glitter of Malls in our cities. Ever wondered why?

Not because of just politics. Because of us, ignorant, who have killed the fundamental rights of our democracy ourselves and thereby allowing our politicians to rule us at will. We continue to discriminate between the different castes, males over females killing the right to equality. We continue to ignore each other’s problems. Probably we, the common people should have something called Right to exploitation!

The number of taxes that we, citizens of India pay is more than the fundamental rights we enjoy. Let’s create more value of it, let’s not blame and complain, let’s do some learning to make most of what we have or what we can. Let’s learn to become Indians. We all love our country, we all want development, and we want every Indian and foreigner to come enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place feeling secured and happy. It is time we all came together as Indians, irrespective of regions, religion, surnames and looks. It is time we demand true democracy, – which is truly of the people, for the people and by the people.

India exercises an indirect democracy. We all want development, happy life, prosperity, good education of our children. But, as usual we leave it to the politicians to decide for us. Hence there is no direct democracy that allows us also to take the second step to achieve that through democratic processes. That leaves the politicians to plan their private agenda through the ministry given to them. The first step is that we have given the responsibility to the politicians the second step is to be awake and with responsibility use the democratic assignments in every situation without leaving it to the politicians. It is time for the second step–our true freedom from corruption.


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