Management: Organist Yourself

A good beginning has a good ending.

A little order makes your day



Juggling a job, a home and children

I was late to office today. This time, the excuse was that I misplaced my two wheeler key! And on the way, the vehicle came to a standstill, running out of fuel. Only when filling fuel, did I realize that I had not taken my wallet. Again fortunately, I had the credit card. My drive was safe, before being caught by traffic police for not carrying insurance papers. This time, fortune did not come my way.  , I reached office settling all problems, of course, late.  

 “A good beginning has a good ending.”  But I had a bad start. That was a reason  enough for the mess I created  the rest of the day.   

Some people are always on the go, but seem to manage their lives with remarkable  efficiency and ease, juggling a home, a job and children. Others feel tired and stressed at the very idea of getting organized  and find it hard to meet their work commitments, enjoy their social lives and fit in shopping and childcare.   

A little organization helps. There are people who always put off things, for various reasons. Some lack the will to get started. Others cannot get started because they keep changing their plans. There are yet others who are plain lazy and want to put off hard work. These are the symptoms of  ‘disorganized’ people.

Take a minute off to think about yourself: Do you get your files together and start sorting out badly cluttered notes just when the presentation is round the corner and then burn the midnight oil trying to finish the project? Do you go hunting for clean socks and ironed shirt only when it’s time to leave for office? Are you the sort of person who promises to see a friend, and then decide to go shopping instead, even as your friend waits for you? Then, the following tips are meant for you.

Lack of mental organization is unhealthy. Badly done or incomplete tasks put your reputation at stake. You could lose trust and goodwill, and worse still, good friends. There have been instances where businessmen have lost valuable contracts and armies have lost battles due to mismanaged affairs.
But such disasters can be averted if you decide to convert yourself into an organised person.

Analyse Your Steps

All successful people have a habit of organizing their work. You must spare at least one hour every month to examine your progress in life

Prepare a ‘To Do’ List Daily

As soon as you reach your working place prepare a ‘To Do’ list – it is a list of the tasks you have to do that day.  Allot time and approximate period for a certain task. Try your best to complete maximum tasks in a day. If you are unable to complete several tasks on that day, do those tasks the next day. 

Home first 

If you make a habit of putting things back in their proper place immediately after use, life will be a lot easier.  If everyone is reminded to do the same, it will save last minute panics trying to find the second shoe or that special necklace that matches the dress. Also, you will never have to face the daunting task of a major clear up.

Manage Your Time

Time Management is as crucial to your victory as oxygen to your life. The more you waste it, the more you move away from success. Observing successful  persons makes you learn the tricks of  achieving what you plan. You will realize that their days, hours and even minutes are devoted to a certain task.  They use their time like hard-earned money. Wasting it means inviting a miserable future. 

 Don’t Go After Your Moods

 Without discipline it is impossible to meet deadlines or work efficiently for months or years. People who want to do everything according to their mood bring total disorganisation in their life. 

 Avoid the Time Killers

To succeed in life, it is necessary to cut down the time killers.  Don’t read unsolicited mail/SMS. Attend only important telephone calls. Rest can be handled by your secretary or office assistant. Avoid gossiping.  

 Organise your money

Most of the financial crises in life arise due to a person’s lack of interest in organising money. Financial flow is the backbone of any commercial or non-commercial activity in our life. Neither we nor our business can survive happily if it is disturbed. Therefore every person must spare some time everyday to organise his/her finances. Do develop a habit of saving some money every day. 

Introspect …        ———— box item

Be aware

of all of your commitments

Be realistic

about the task you are  involved in and exactly and how long it will take to accomplish it.

Make plans

… about what needs to be done?

… about when you will do it?

… about how you will do it?

Evaluate your progress

… to see how you are getting on?

… to see if you are on schedule?

… to see what can be done quickly and efficiently to get back on schedule?

….to see how much you will spare in the coming month to study more in the field of your interest? 

Here is a small exercise to test- how organized you are?  Selection of answers itself tells your degree of organization.

1. Your holiday at Darjeeling is cancelled by the travel agency.


Take the opportunity to re-organise
something a little more exotic
Demand a trip of the same quality elsewhere
Book a last-minute trip online  

2. Your boss has asked you to organise the next meeting:

Great, you can wow them all with your
You grudgingly get down to it, what a
You panic and hand it over to someone else  

3. Your strategy in the supermarket is:

All about reminding yourself what you need
as you’ve forgotten your list
Buy whatever takes your fancy
Stick to your list like glue and don’t give in to

4. Your man is always leaving his dirty socks around the house:

It drives you mad and you have a go at
him most weeks about it
You put the dirty linen bin in the
bedroom so he has no more excuses
What does it matter? You often leave pants hanging around
5. Saturday is going to be really busy: a must-see exhibition 
in the morning, followed by coffee, the cinema, drinks and a
birthday party!
It’s going to be too much, you
cancel everything apart from the
You draw up a timetable so you
can keep track of it all
You cancel the cinema so you’re not rushed

6. You’re curled up on the sofa watching a DVD,when friends pop round:

Luckily you’ve got plenty leftover from last
night’s meal, so you can all tuck in
You tell them to sit down and get busy in the
You’re cupboards are bare, so you all order a
7. It’s late by the time your friends leave:
You leave the washing up until tomorrow
You clear the table and go to bed
You do the washing up and put everything
away so you don’t have to worry in the morning
8. Your friend is having a housewarming party, but he’s
only invited a few people so it’s not too much bother:
You ring round his friends in secret to help
He changes his mind once you say
you’ll look after everything
You agree, there’s no point in
making too much work for yourself
9. You love the 9 o clock TV serial on Tuesday night.
Sometimes forget and miss the odd
Clear your diary every Tuesday
Set your VCR to record each episode just
in case
10. Your tailor has broken and you can’t get a refund
without the receipt:
You know exactly where it is and dig it out
It could be anywhere. No refund for you,
you’ll just have to buy some new ones
You turn your flat upside-down to find it


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