Learning to Learn

Learning has no limit

With the proliferation of mass media we are living in an age of information  explosion. Information doubles every five years today. . One can no longer hope to learn everything in school or college or even in specialized institutes.  One’s learning is never complete today. There is  so much to  learn and so  many more new things keep on arriving day after day that must be learned to keep up to date. Those in the teaching profession are well aware today that to remain relevant they need to update their knowledge, teaching methods etc.  Science, technology, information are ever growing and changing. The amount of information that can be packed into electronic chips is becoming bigger and bigger. As information increases, storage capacity also increases so that we are able to store more and more matter in less and  less space. There is now a whole new range of information technology which is a vast field in itself giving employment to big numbers of people.

In the changed context of today one can no more hope  to learn everything needed in the years of formal education in school or college. However big your school bag may be you cannot any more hope zip within it all the books you need to study or  to pick up all your knowledge from school. If you try to do so you will be fighting a steadily losing battle. So the new strategy is learning how to learn, rather than learn everything possible on earth and burdening yourself with knowledge or skills you may never need.You have to train yourself and acquire the skills to update  your knowledge in any field. If you are a doctor you can’t tell yourself you know everything the moment you finish your medical studies and start wearing your white medical gown and exhibit your framed diploma.


. Even while you are practicing you will have to be acquiring new information, new methods, changed technology etc. You can become easily obsolete today if you do not continue learning. Your knowledge, your diagnosing methods and your treatment can become outdated. As you  stagnate in your knowledge others more up to date than you will replace you in your office or work place and you will be left by the wayside.

Unlike in earlier generations very few people are likely to retire from the same institution in which they started their career. It is not even very rare for people  even to change their profession or switch between professional sectors  and service sectors. Not only place mobility but also job mobility or job hopping is the order of the day. The mantra is to keep abreast of  the times and  developments and prove  to prospective employers that you have an edge over your rivals in  competence in doing your job. In this changing scenario your career associates will  no more be people of your caste or community but fellow professionals cutting across these old divisions.

Let me ask myself

1.In what ways can I supplement my school learning?

2. What other things do I need to know besides what they teach in schools?

3. What extra reading can I do?


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