Layout and Memory Devices

The Good Way of Digesting a Book

The way you write down your notes and make marginal notes in your course books can help or retard your learning process and progress. Some of these methods can vary from person to person  depending on your personal and tastes and habits. A neat layout should be helpful for any one. It makes sense to have a good margin on all sides particularly on the left, top and bottom. A wide margin on the left can be useful  for making marginal comments or notes.

Adding subtitles to topics is an important tool  for helping the memory. They should be concise and catchy and contain the marrow of the matter in a nutshell. A good handwriting and spacing between words is important for easy learning. A flowing handwriting with neat layout takes the strain off the eyes and makes reading less tedious. Some people find it convenient to make short notes on pocket size thick paper in small letters and concise language. This makes it easy to carry your notes  around on your person and refer to them  whenever you can snatch a little time as when you wait for a train or  a bus. Having them on loose sheets also makes for flexibility and possibility of additions and subtractions. Well composed short notes are a great aid to learning.


Use of sketches, diagrams and customized  formulas are a great help in learning and remembering. Here the student makes creative use of  his imagination.

Another good way of digesting a book and making notes without the labour of writing out the entire notes or outline is a shrewd combination of underlining, or highlighting phrases in the running text and making marginal notes or comments. Use of differently coloured highlighters can be a further help in aiding the memory. For those with a photographic memory this will help them  to visualize the outline more easily.

For my personal reflection

1. Is my layout of notes neat and tidy?

2. Do I have a helpful system of underlining and highlighting my study materials?

3. Do I digest the matter well before taking down notes?


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