Know Yourself

How many of us really know ourselves

Know yourself was proclaimed by the Greek  philosopher centuries ago.

            It had been emphasized by psychologists in every age, and it is the basis of all successful living. Yet how many of us really know ourselves? The average man knows more about his car then he knows about himself. It is essential to consider the resources we have for the task of living. Let us begin by asking ourselves some questions.


1. What is my reason for being alive?  Am I just taking up space on earth or do I have  a purpose in life? Am I the sort of person who lives from day to day without any real peace of mind or happiness?

2. What do I hope to achieve in life? Is my aim just to make money? Is my aim to find satisfaction in my job? Am I aiming to make some contribution to the world for the privilege of living? It is essential in getting to know ourselves to face up to our basic aim.

3. Have I a programme? What steps have I mapped out to achieve the one thing that matters? Have I made progress so far towards my goal? If I do not seem to be making any progress, what is the reason? Have I kept my aim clearly in front of me? Am I perhaps aiming too high?

4. What resources have I to achieve my aim? I have my personality, I am unique – there is no one else in the world quite like me, and that means that no one makes the same contribution that I alone can make.

    What special talents do I possess? I must not ignore any special gifts nor must I exaggerate them. Many people deceive themselves precisely here. Take a paper and pencil and write down as clearly as you can the resources you possess for achieving your aim.

5.  What is my attitude towards other people? Are my relationships with my family members, my fellow workers and my friends really satisfactory? If not, how much of it is my fault? Do I really care about other people as much as I expect them to care about me? Am I hesitant about meeting people? Do I approach others with interest in what they do and what they feel?

6.  Am I happy? If I am unhappy or afraid what is the reason? It is essential to be honest with ourselves. Many people carry with them frustrations and hurts because they do not want to face up to their fears and unhappiness. Be definite. It may be of help to write down the answers.

     We must be prepared to accept ourselves as we really are. Accept your possibilities and resources and don’t belittle them. It is also important to accept our limitations and not pretend they don’t exist. This searching self – analysis will help us to find a new serenity.


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