How Strong are You When You Say “I Can” and “I Will”

Happy New Year, my dear friends! Let this new year bring you opportunity and prosperity

Happy New Year, my dear friends! Let this new year bring you opportunity and prosperity. While I wish you, my well-wishers and subscribers of glorioussteve’s blog,  a fabulous new year 2021, I wish to present you with some interesting ideas on how we can make this new year more meaningful for all our family members and friends around us taking cue from Jim Smith.  The ideas I wish to present here revolves around our vision for the New Year. There is a clear connection between our vision and the words we use in our regular conversations.

Most people only see what could be. We spend way too much time talking about what could be. “Our business could be bigger. Our staff could be larger. Our societies could be more giving, loving, caring” and the list goes on. 


‘Can’ and ‘Could’ are words that are too ambiguous.  They are almost  useless words (to me personally). Much of our energy is focused on what could be.  There is a world of difference between saying, “I can” and “ I can.” For some it means , “ I can” in its real sense. For  people of determination  and clear vision it means: “I will.”

Now there is a word that ‘Should’ be in our daily vocabulary. When one has a vision for something, there is no Could. There is only Should. The word ‘Could’ presents an Idea. Instead, the word ‘Should’ casts a vision. Where the word ‘Could’ presents  an opinion, the word ‘Should’ shows a way.

The word, ‘Should’ does not say ‘If’ or ‘If only’. ‘Should’ says, “Let’s do it. Let’s find a way. Whatever it takes.” ‘Could’ sits on the sidelines and complains about what could be while ‘Should’ carries the ball through obstacles and hurdles that most people would never consider approaching.

‘Should’ is passionate. ‘Should’ is on fire. ‘Should’ makes comfortable people uneasy. ‘Should’ messes with the status quo. ‘Should’  gives a Vision.

There is a significant difference between the outcome of ‘Could’ and ‘Should’. When you begin to focus on ‘Should’, ‘Could’ get’s lost. ‘Could’ cannot operate in the same realm as ‘Should’. When ‘Should’ is in operation, ‘Could’ grows silent.

‘Should’ is not ‘what could be’. ‘Should’ is ‘what must be’. One man said “Give me freedom or give me death.” Now there is ‘Should’. ‘Could’ would say, ‘we could have liberty if only this and that and you get the picture’. ‘Should’ however,  says there is no other option. There is no other recourse. No backup plan. Do or die. Freedom or death.

What Should be for your family in the coming New Year? Many families are going to spend much time in planning sessions focusing on ‘Could’ in the coming weeks. How many though will focus on ‘Should’?

My prayer and wish for your life and work for the coming New Year is that  clear Vision  ignites your own heart and the hearts of those you come in contact with, in a way that it never had before.

If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a subscriber of EDCampus, EDMatrix Magazine and join in having a clear vision for ourselves to assist families to care for  the youth in a special way who will be the future  of tomorrow.

I thank all our subscribers for their support in the last year and for what you will be doing for this year. Bring in many more to join in this vision of mine, in forming smart and honest citizens from among the youth. There are umpteen number of ways in which you can join with the PACT organisation from different parts of  India and rest of the world, in offering support and meaning for the youth through the collective efforts put in by the good willed people all over the globe.

A special thanks to all our contributors who have made this great vision come true.   Very soon  I am envisaging a great possibility of a web portal for all our writers who can make a difference in the lives of the people to whom our  blog and vlog portals is reaching out to.  The messages you have contributed over these last years have blessed my own heart as well as the many readers from all over the world who utilize this great resource.

Have a great and blessed New Year.


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