How to Develop Enthusiasm

Nothing really worthwhile was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Nothing really worthwhile was ever achieved  without enthusiasm. It we are to gain delight in life, or to give delight in life, we must have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm affects our standards of value. Our enthusiasm for the cause we are pleading or the article we are selling communicates itself to those to whom we speak.

Our problem is not so much to produce  enthusiasm as to find the circumstances which will generate it. It is rather a by product, so to speak of several factors. Let us examine some of them:


1. Knowledge:

Our enthusiasm for any subject or concern is in direct proportion to our knowledge of it. As knowledge grows, so does enthusiasm. In the case of a Salesman, for example, it may be in terms of marketing a new product, or selling an old product in an entirely  new market. Clearly,  before  either of these things can be done efficiently, new knowledge of the product  or the market must be acquired.  Increasing knowledge generates increasing  enthusiasm. The more he discovers of the product or of the potentialities of the market, the keener he becomes in his advocacy.

2. Challenging situations:

It is not  the easy job, well within our conscious knowledge of accomplishment , which generates the most enthusiasm. Just because we can do them and they offer little which is new or exciting or demanding, they may be done mechanically and unimaginatively.

Life is essentially an adventurous undertaking, and the zest it affords comes from accepting its challenges, not in attempting to escape them. Enthusiasm makes difficulty into a delight.

3. Self – respect and personal efficiency:

If we have a proper sense of the dignity of the human person, then we shall want to do all within our power to maintain this stature in our own life and work. Creativity is never more thrilling and satisfying than when directed towards personality itself.

Disappointments and frustrations are all part of the adventure of living, and are more than compensated for by the real satisfaction and progress that all real concern with character building inevitable brings.

4. The social factor:

The student in his room may indeed know delights on a personal level, and a measure of real enthusiasm, reaches an even higher level when he begins to share his knowledge and his love of the subject  in animated conversation with someone else.

The sports fan may find deep pleasure in reading the autobiographies of some of his  heroes, but it is only when he gets among a crowd of keen spectators that he begins to shout.

As we confront ourselves with these varied situations of knowledge, of challenging situations, of personal efficiency and of social contact, we shall be providing the soil in which enthusiasm readily thrives.


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