How to Develop a Magnetic Personality

How often do we really put ourselves in another’s position, and look at things from their point of view?

A person with a magnetic personality seems to exert an almost irresistible force over others. He makes friends easily. He seems to have little difficulty in exercising leadership. He seems to draw people to himself.

In scientific terms, the opposite of attraction is repulsion. And this occurs in terms of human relationships also. Our problem is to  learn to attract, not to repel. There is a technique which can be developed in this matter of the magnetic personality. A variety of factors are involved – both physical and mental, outward and inward. But they are all matters within our power to deal with, if we are really determined to be attractive, magnetic people.


The first step is to want to get on with people, to wish to be at ease in their company. Once we have this initial determination there are a number of precepts which call for attention.

1. Pay attention to personal appearance:

Appearance is not, of course the most important factor. Yet dirty nails and yellow teeth, grubby skin and matted hair can hardly be said to be attractive. It is not necessary to be a fashion model in order to be physically attractive. But some attention to cleanliness and dress is essential.

2. Remember that manners count too:

The underlying principle of good manners is concern for other people – for their rights and their feelings. If we care only for ourselves, the chances are that our behaviour will have something of the repelling boor about it.

3. Speak attractively:

Some people seem to possess more pleasing voices than others. If this seems a serious  problem, it is always worthwhile taking lessons in voice – production. But voice is not only a matter of technical know – how; it is a reflection  of our personality. If we are bored, angry, impatient, self – centred, this shows in our  voice. Attention to the quality of one’s voice, and to remove slovenly and ungrammatical speech can make yet another step forward in the creation of a magnetic personality.

4. Avoid dullness and cultivate brightness:

The bored person will never attract others. To show enthusiasm about something is to have at least a good chance of arousing similar feelings in other people. Wide reading and interest can help us to be at home on all kinds of occasions and with all sorts of people. They find us immediately on their wave length, and this is something we all like to find.

5. Avoid self – pity:

One sure way to repel people is to complain about our own burdens and problems. People deliberately avoid those they know will inflict a tale of woe upon them. The kind of person who radiates a magnetic personality is one who is always ready to help someone else  who is in difficulties. It is the outward look of sympathy and compassion which attracts.

People  want to feel they count. If we can create this condition for them, then we draw them to us in affection and confidence. This leads to the last factor in the creation of a magnetic personality.

6. Cultivate understanding and sympathy with others:

Part of the art of an attractive personality consists in recognizing how people differ, and acting accordingly. For example, there are some people who can take a joke – especially one at their own expense. They join hilariously and genuinely in the laughter. But not everyone is like this.

How often do we really put ourselves in another’s position, and look at things from their point of view? The measure to which we can really feel with other people is very largely the measure of our appeal to them.

To care for others, and for them to know that we care, is probably the real basis of all genuine attractive personalities.


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