How to be a Winner

Lets step on the stairs or Success.

Man is a natural overcomes. He has quested ever further into the realms of the unknown. The secret of success is something  we have  already. It is part of the tool – kit for living, the natural heritage of mankind. Here is a plan in seven steps which will help you to develop the power you have within you.

1. Serenity:


Cultivate a relaxed frame of mind. Say to yourself: “Whatever happens today I can cope. I have the power to overcome every obstacle and solve every problem”. Always take an optimistic view of life.

2. Understanding:

From your self – knowledge will come a clear knowledge of other  people.  This will revolutionise your relationships. We could ponder the wise words of Confucius: “If another drinks, does it  quench your thirst? If another eats, does it appease you? Who then shall develop your understanding?

3. Confidence:

This springs from faith in ourselves and in God. Worry and fear are a negative kind of faith. Think constantly of your successes not your failures. Think of the success of others, and build up your own confidence. Affirm constantly “I can  – and I will”.

4. Courage:

Everyone has an immense store of courage which can be  called up when needed. Courage has the extraordinary quality of being there when it is truly wanted.

5. Enthusiasm:

This comes from caring. It is the inner quality of life which brings excitement and dynamic activity  into everything we do. Many people are cool and unenthusiastic because they really have no idea what they want from life. Put yourself completely into what you do. Grow “hot” about your work – your interests in life. Your interest and enthusiasm will  spread like a will fire. Enthusiasm literally means “being possessed by a God”.

6. Self – Esteem:

Obviously you will never succeed while you cherish a failure image in your subconscious. If you expect to fail you will. Never play yourself down or accept a low estimate  that another person may offer. You are a fine person. You are potentially great. You are a child of God! Self – esteem is basic for human happiness. When you feel right with yourself, your feeling will project itself into your world and make others happy. To raise yourself – praise yourself!

7.Self – discipline:

This means from the psychological point of view only one thing – thought control. Many people are at the mercy of their negative thinking. Go over in your mind all the things you have to be thankful  for, for all the successes big or small you have had. Deliberately seek the positive, and see how bright the day becomes rain or no rain. There really is a secret of success. It is this. Your health, happiness and prosperity lie in what you put into your subconscious mind. See that it is entirely positive. This requires self – discipline, perseverance and patience.


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