How Self Assured are You?

The Skill of Self-confidence

Relaxed self-assurance is a very desirable quality especially in these days of modern technology.  Those who do not possess it look forward to developing this rare skill. Such people long to be calm when facing an interview, attending a social function or when taking a seat in a crowded restaurant. If you number yourself in this category, observe the following practices.

1.Develop interest in others:

The cause of your trouble is that you are thinking too much about yourself. You are over concerned with the impression you are making, and about what others are thinking of you. Grasp this paradox: you will make a better impression if you are not obsessed with the kind of  impression you are  making!


At a social function, think of others. Ask leading questions about their interests, sports, plans,     holidays, and children. Thus you will be virtually controlling the reins of conversation. In an         interview, keep your thoughts on the matter raised   and how you are faring. At a party, keep an eye on the needs and comforts of others.

2. Accept Yourself:

Bear in mind that there is room in society for people of all types – your type. Feel free to be just as you are. People  acknowledge this, and will accept you as they accept others. Talk, smile, be friendly, ask harmless questions which show genuine interest, and you have nothing to fear. You have the right to your opinions and have the right to express them. You have the right to be different and to express your personality.

3.The Right Clothes Help:

Choose clothing appropriate for the occasion. Check that your clothing is clean and well – pressed. See that you are well – groomed. These measures help people to accept you.

4. Pursue Your Education:

See that you are always learning something. Always broaden your mental horizones. Furthering your mind, you will be more alert and quick – witted, you will be able to mix freely with all kinds of people.

5.Travel As Much As You can:

The much – traveled person invariably possesses an enviable confidence. He always knows what to do. The stimulus of travel and the problems and new situations one meets abroad impart the mental alertness which contributes to poise.

6.Keep Relaxed:

We always do better when we are relaxed. Keep on the look out for signs of nervousness like nail biting, clenching the Hands, fidgeting and tapping the fingers. Deliberately relax any part of your body you find becoming tense. Finally, remember the reassuring power of a smile. Give people a big smile and you can hardly remain tense in their presence.


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