How Motivated are You?

By thought we rise

Bernard  Shaw once remembered, “Few people think more than two or three times a year”. “I” he pointed out humorously. “have made an  international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week”.

Someone asked Newton. “How did you discover the law of gravitation? “By thinking about it” Was the scientist’s reply.


We are and become what we think. Our thoughts tend to externalize themselves in our daily actions successes or defeats.

James Allen puts it so aptly

By thought we rise

By thought we fall

By thought we stand or go – all destiny is wrought by its swift  potency

And he who stands master of thought

And his desires commands.

Willing and weaving thoughts of love and might.

Shapes his high end in truth’s unerring light.

Think Positively:

More often than not failure is only the red signal pointing to the culprit, negative thinking. It is a psychological face, says John D Murphy, “that we tend to travel in the direction we are looking whether you are a success or failure in life depends to a great extent upon which way the eyes of your mind are focused if you keep them continually focused upon failure, and upon obstacles and negatives you have the tendency to travel in that direction.

One cannot think fear and act courageously, be bent on failure and achieve success. A lot of trouble and suffering for ourselves and others could be avoided if our thoughts were a bit more on the positive side. Petty grievances, pessimism, hatred and such feelings are good only as far as one’s destruction is concerned.

Think Personality:

At the Lions Club M. Jones looked intently at the newcomer. ”Haven’t  I seen your face somewhere else?” he asked . “I don’t think so” said the newcomer. “It is always been right on my shoulder“212”.

In the modern world a new type of man is emerging, the mass – man: thinking with the crowd, recognized with the crowd and submerged in the collectivity or  crowd. This new man does not think. He jumps from a  return. He simply invites the person to change his life, to go in peace to be filled with faith.

So often, that is not the way we  love. As I stand before many people in my life. I love them something like this: I might say, “If you love me, you would…” and I can recount to them a whole series of conditions, of strings. Somehow these people have to earn my love; they have to deserve my friendship; they might have to buy me to be a part of my life. How often in our lives is the dimension, the quality, the power of love conditioned by the word “if”. When Jesus gives his love, he never says, “… if I love you”, he simply says, “I love you”.

A second aspect of the Heart of our Christ is that the Heart of our Jesus is a faithful heart. From the very beginning pages of the life of Christ, he is faithful to his mission in his way. Again, what is his mission? To set us free from our sins, to heal our hearts, to call us to life, to remind us that you and I are sons and daughters of a Father, a loving Father in heaven.

Recall the temptation in the desert. Jesus is there for those forty days of prayer and fasting, and at the end of that time he is tempted by the evil one. Time after time our Christ repels those temptations, for the evil one is tempting him to stray away from, to divert his attention from his mission, to be popular, to be powerful, to manipulate people, to be what he is not. Jesus cuts through those temptations like a branding iron through a pat of butter.

And then, a little later on, just before those events of Holy Week, Jesus has another episode that demonstrates so powerfully his fidelitly to his mission. Recall the scene, my friends. Jesus is with his Apostles, and all of sudden he stops. He stares in the direction of the holy city, his eyes have a strange expression for just a few moments, and then he turns to them and speaks. He tells them that  now he must go up to Jerusalem, and there he will be  betrayed, will be condemned, will suffer, die and rise on the third day. But  notice, my friends, who gets in the way. Your friend and mine St. Peter stands  before him and literally blocks his way. Peter  won’t let him go. Peter stands between Christ and his mission. True, out of friendship, out of concern for what will happen. But, Jesus turns to him and he says, “Get out of my way. Stop getting in the way. Don’t be a road – block to what I must do”. No one and nothing gets in the way of Jesus being faithful to his mission.

What about fidelity in our lives? Are we faithful to what we are called to? As priests, religious, husband, wife, children, are we faithful to the vocations to which we are called? Or how often do we allow things  to interfere with what we are supposed to be doing? – our own concerns, perhaps our own self – pity, or may be ambition that are obstacles to our mission, to our vocations which are sacred and which are given to us by our God.

A third aspect, we might say, of the Heart of Christ is that the Heart of Jesus is a compassionate heart. Page after page after page, incident after incident show us that Jesus is always concerned about the well being of others. Jesus never does anything for himself. His love, his mercy, gentleness, sensitivity are always given to those he meets who are in need. We’ve heard these remarks before. We have seen so readily that the Heart of Christ is love filled, is faithful, is compassionate, and we can make a single statement about the Heart of Jesus; his Heart is a giving heart. The Heart of Christ impels him to give: to give himself, to give peace, to give comfort and rest, forgiveness and healing, new life and new beginnings to everyone he meets. And even in his Passion, in those three hours in pain and suffering on Calvary. Jesus  continues to give. For as soon as that Cross is planted  in the rocky ground of Calvary. Jesus asks the Father and gives us forgiveness. To the thief hanging in crucifixion, he gives eternal life. He gives St. John the Apostle and us his mother to be our mother.

And even when he’s dead, even when every law of philosophy and logic say one cannot give any more. Jesus Christ continues to give. For when that cold steel stabs the Heart of Christ, out gush a fountain of blood and water to bathe you and me as followers of Jesus  in the reality and in the gifts of Eucharist of Baptism , of the Spirit of the Church. From that broken Heart – remember, a heart that is dead – Jesus gives you and me absolutely everything we need to live our lives as his followers.


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