How Big are You ?

Personality of a kind person.

This kind of bigness relates to your personality, the kind of person you are inside.  To be generous with your praise, affection and appreciation, for example,  matters far more than standing  with your foot poised on a bar rail feeling a fine fellow as you call the next round of drinks.

What you are within your home, to your parents, married partner, and the other members of your family, is the real measure of your stature as man or woman. Most of us go out of our way to create a favourable impression in company. There are a few of us who do not like to be accepted and regarded as “one of the crowd”. Alas, the face we reveal when we are with our nearest and dearest, and anybody we think doesn’t matter, sometimes differs considerably from the self censored image we present to the world at large.


If you are a big personality, you will  be a kind person, someone who is considerate and hates seeing people hurt. You will be quick off the mark to lend a helping hand. But you will not talk about it or expect people to notice and say how wonderful you are. You will simply get on with what you think needs to be done.

If you are a big personality, you will be a peace – maker, not a trouble – maker. You will not  be the type who goes around telling people unkind things that others have said about them. You will appreciate people, and present each in a good light.

If you are a big personality, you are able to take people as they come. You are more interested in what is going on outside than in yourself. Little people, in contrast, are easily hurt. They are wrapped up in themselves and therefore prone to exaggerate the significance of everything that happens to them.

Big people sort it out without self – delusion. They see themselves and what is happening to them in the right proportion. If you are a really big person, you will get on with most people. You will not have an inflated notion of your self – importance.

Big people are quick to see the funny side of themselves. Their sense of humour not only helps them through life’s bad patches, but also enables them to exercise a cheerful, encouraging, and steadying influence on everybody around them.


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