Hints for Happiness

In life that lead to happiness

The enemies of happiness are the two Ugly Sisters named Anxiety and Care. They thrive in situation concerning health, money and human relationships. We can do much to reduce their evil spell by giving special thought and attention to these three matters. Let us examine them in turn.



Good health creates no problem. It is poor health, either our own or that of others which causes difficulties, distress, discomfort and a host of other woes.

Unless we are parents, teachers, on in the medical profession, we can do little to improve the health  of others. But we can do much to safe guard our own health and thus avoid many unhappy repercussions that spring from sickness.

Firstly, we must observe the elementary principles by seeing that  we have sufficient exercise, fresh air, sleep, and a sensible balanced diet.

Secondly we must maintain a positive and hopeful attitude towards our own bodies  and health. This applies also to our work, other people and life itself.


Money is the source  of much care,  whether we have too little or too much. The best state seems to be to have sufficient for our needs plus a little more. It is not difficult to bring this about.

If we find what we have insufficient money, two  courses  are open to us. We must  try  and increase our income, or we must try and decrease our expenditure. Sometimes a hobby can be a source of supplementary income. Or you may be able to develop some  skill or  become  a specialist in some sphere where you can teach others.

Reduction of expenditure too, calls imagination and ingenuity. It also demands a philosophy of life which will enable us to enjoy it while living simply. The words of an old song are very true: “The  best things in life are free”.

If we can learn to live simply, we have gone a long way towards solving our financial worries and multiplying our quota of happiness.

3. Human Relationship:

Seeing that most of us are rubbing  shoulders with others for the major part of  our working hours, it is obvious that the sooner we learn to live harmoniously with others, the sooner we are going to replace anxiety and distress with peace and happiness.

The secret  of living happily  with others lies in putting ourselves imaginatively in their position. This gives birth to tact in us and leads us to behave towards them in ways which are pleasant and acceptable to them.

We must keep in mind that most people  are extremely sensitive and proud. In consequence  they are easily hurt. Human emotions are explosive material and people have to be handled with extreme care.

Courtesy and respect are essential. We must make it  evident that we respect others as persons, and that we respect their opinions, feelings, comfort and privacy. This applies whether we are dealing with strangers, neighbours, friends, relatives, children, employers or employees. In every human relationship there is potential danger of explosions, leading to distress, anger, heart break, hatred,  bitterness and unhappiness.

It helps us to get on with others if we do not expect perfection from them. How many  people expect others to be perfectly honest, perfectly truthful, perfectly tidy,  perfectly punctual in addition to being  industrious, intelligent, and courteous. They are but human. We must remember our own failings.

Another way to develop harmonious relationship is to develop a liking for others in spite of their annoying ways. This is easier if we remember their attractive qualities, their good points and their potential abilities.

Above all, we must first come to terms with ourselves and learn self – esteem. It is difficult to like others until we  have learned to like ourselves.

A useful book to be read carefully is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  In simple, everyday language this author  sets forth principles of  behaviour culled from centuries of human experiences. It is impossible to imagine anyone reading this book seriously and not making rapid strides in the business of living happily with his fellow beings.


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