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Actual physical energy is released by enthusiasm. All of us know that from experience. Enthusiasm for something clearly gives us increased resources for accomplishing it, where distaste for a task seems to sap our energy at the outset. It would be pleasant just to do the things that we like, and avoid the uncongenial ones. But life could not be run on such lines.

Fortunately, an  enthusiastic attitude is something which can be cultivated, bringing with it all the benefits of the spontaneous. The real basis of enthusiasm is belief! What we really believe in is what we can be enthusiastic about. The more varied and more passionate our beliefs are, the more vigorous will our enthusiasm be.


So, let us pick out some of the things in life that we must learn to believe in, and then we shall find a zest and enthusiasm overflowing in all we do.

1.We must learn to believe in ourselves:

Lack of self – confidence lies at the root of more of our problems than we think, and it is certainly at the root of this business of enthusiasm. When we do not trust ourselves we are afraid to act or be hut. Yet speech and action are the two great vehicles of enthusiasm.

Many persons are paralysed, not in their limbs but in their thoughts. They have sold themselves on a constricted view of themselves. But such  self – appraisal is a false opinion of their own personality. Many people under – rate, themselves. To counteract this, practice optimistic enthusiasm about your own possibilities. Believe in your  untapped resources. Start thinking more and more not in terms of what you are, but in terms of what you can become. Believe that you possess significant reserves of health, energy and endurance, and your belief will help create the fact.

2.We must learn to believe in other people:

A very common cause of a morose attitude towards life is a cynicism and contempt for people. The study of human nature is the most fascinating one in the world. Our interest in people is not an academic one, but a practical one. We have to live with  them, and learn to get on with them. One of the main secrets of this art is trusting and believing in people.

To look for and discover the best in people, to enjoy our human relationships, to gain immeasurably from what we can receive at the hands of others, as well as having the opportunity of sharing our own thoughts and interest with them  – this is a source of unending zest and satisfaction.

3.We must learn to believe in our job:

Do not regard work as an evil; the means of earning a living and nothing more. No wonder it becomes a drudgery. See the job in terms of its usefulness. If you visualise the end – product this will give a greater sense of worth to the thing being done.

An uncongenial task can be a real challenge to character. The fact that it is difficult can stimulate zest. We can see ourselves as the sort of person who cannot be deterred by difficulty.

4.We must have some ideals to believe in:

We need a cause of some sort Something we passionately believe in, work for, live for. As long as our thoughts are turned in upon ourselves alone we shall miss the central stimulus of enthusiasm. The cause we choose will vary according to our special interest and convictions. It may be religious, political, social or cultural.

Knowledge is not  enough. Action is essential. We can learn enthusiasm through action. It is as we give and serve that the deepest zest for living comes.


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